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Danielle D'Amico

I have always felt it was my purpose to help others on their journey towards healing. I know how hard it is to be happy without good health. At 12 years old I struggled with debilitating panic attacks and for 15 years this condition governed my life, impacting all my choices and robbing me of significant opportunities. This conflict  struggle   and  For as long as I can remember I have been deeply empathetic towards those that are suffering. Partially stemming from my own battle with an anxiety disorder that developed at 12 years old and left me with debilitating panic attacks for more than 15 years. This affected all the choices I made in my life, holding me back from big opportunities and missing out on lots of great adventures.

As a young child I was exposed to my average share of toxicants through the Standard American diet, highly addicted to sugar and the new 90's frankenfoods. Lots of conventional treatments for my chronic infections, unknowingly filling my small bucket full of burdens for my future self. Without the wisdom to know I was the creator of these afflictions I still had this intuition of natural healing and a belief in god given remedies to fully restore any condition. I never resorted to any pharmaceuticals to treat my anxiety, or anything with potentially negative side effects.

For me Diet was and is the major culprit to my anxiety. If anyone would’ve told me what I was eating was contributing to my anxiety I would’ve quit in a heartbeat. Better yet, if someone would have told me I could be a better athlete I would've dropped my pre-game sugar routine immediately.

Very Few people knew about my struggle,  I kept myself busy. As a pre-med student during my internship my passion for healing evolved and I became obsessed with research and real life testimonials of full recovery from chronic illnesses, this steered me away from conventional medical methods. I went back to school seeking knowledge for functional and integrative medcine which has become the foundation for my health services.

Following the birth of my last child, the death of my sister and a divorce I developed Hashimotos, probably in the pipeline for 10 plus years. I have been able to put it in remission and manage my symptoms with diet and lifestyle, always aware of my triggers and placing new limitations on my overwhelming schedule to prevent any relapse. It has given me a very personal understanding to the detriments of autoimmune illness and also a hope and passion to help those who have struggled for far too long.

I have applied these methods and knowledge with my family and friends and countless others, with great success. I aspire to utilize the growing scientific research and advances in true medicine to bring healing back to humanity. My translation of nutrition trends into practical and simple shifts for clean living. I have a special interest in sports nutrition, cancer, hormones, mental health, and autoimmunity. I have a B.A in Psychology and Social Behavior AND Biology. I am a Certified Nutritionist (CN) and Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN). I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN). Also certified through the Institute of Nutritional Leadership (INL). I wish to amend the current medical customs and advance toward remedial modalities, offer proper organic relief care, while mending the internal damages and removing the root cause. Optimal health awaits us.

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