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The Gluten Menace: Undermining Your Well-being

Wheat is a grass (indigestible to humans), cultivated mostly for its seed, the dominate grain in our food chain. With more than 300 health destructive properties it is one of the top culprits leading humanity into the worst epidemic of chronic illness than ever before in our history. It is the most commonly consumed food on earth, 20% of all human calories come from wheat and it covers more agricultural space worldwide than any other crop. There are more than a few problems with wheat, I will cover 5 of the biggest most well studied.


The current wheat grain is far different than the strain that our grandparents consumed

  • The major re-straining began in 1943 when Rockefeller Foundation collaborated with IMWIC (an agricultural research group) to solve world hunger.

  • They began modifying the ancient grain through mutagenesis, forcing mutations into the DNA with chemical poisons and gamma radiation in order to create a crop that was resistant to weather and pests.

  • After extensive alterations to the genetic code they hybridized the new seed over and over again for years on end.

  • By 1980 they had thousands of different strains of wheat, all very different than what human bodies were accustomed to, including at least 14 new gluten proteins.

  • This new modern “semi-dwarf” wheat comprises 99% of all the wheat worldwide, ancient strains are rare to non-existent.

B.A.S.F is the worlds largest chemical manufacturer

  • They hold a patent on Clearfield wheat- it was mutated via poison with sodium azide (causes instant cardiac arrest and death in humans) Yielding an herbicide resistant wheat. Allowing farmers to drown their wheat fields with chemical toxins that kill weeds but not the super mutated wheat crop

  • They have 100s of thousands of acres across the country supplying us with this Clearfield wheat.

  • Mutagenesis is not considered genetic engineering and these crops don’t have to be labeled as GMOs.

No safety studies were ever done to determine the potential consequences of these alterations on human health. We have learned through mass experimentation that the consequences of wheat affect every organ of the body.


One of the most disruptive properties wheat has on our body is its effect on our blood sugar.

  • With a higher glycemic index (72) than pure white sugar (59)

The higher the Glycemic Index the faster it raises your blood sugar and studies have show this elevation lasts longer from wheat consumption than other high GI foods

  • Wheat is mostly carbohydrate (70%) in the form of amylopectin which converts RAPIDLY to glucose more so than ANY other simple or complex carbohydrate including table sugar.

  • It would affect your body less to eat 2 snickers bar with a glycemic index of 41 (each) than it would be to eat a bagel with a Glycemic index of 103.

  • You are better off eating spoon full of sugar than a slice of toast. The vicious blood sugar cycle is only part of what makes it a serious appetite stimulant


Wheat comes with its own pest resistant protein called Wheat Germ Agglutinin- a potent Lectin.

  • It attacks the intestinal track either killing the pest or impairing its ability to generate offspring. But they say its okay for humans.....

  • Modern strains have much higher concentrations of this obnoxious protein than ancient wheat.

  • When this protein enters the bloodstream it instantly increases inflammation, causes hormone disruption and is a known blood clotting agent.


Wheat is super rich in phytates, a famous anti-nutrient.

  • It is completely indigestible to humans and an exceptionally potent bowel toxin.

  • It binds to all positively charged minerals blocking our absorption of these essential nutrients such as; iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium.

  • It only takes 2 ounces of wheat flour to block zinc absorption 100% and ONLY 1/5th of an ounce to block iron by 90%.

  • There is an epidemic of these deficiencies, I see it clinically everyday and it is a strong underlying trigger to all diseases.

  • This is also one of the reasons we see an increased genetic expression of hemochromatosis, Iron overload syndrome. The body is adapting and amassing high stores of iron, leading to excess amounts of this metal, which are highly inflammatory and toxic. A condition I am seeing more frequently than ever before.


Gluten- the universal toxin that is bad for everyone.

  • Gluten is a protein found in wheat (and other grains), another anti-nutrient and one of the most well studied elements of wheat.

  • It is the glue that holds the food together, also sticks to intestinal walls affecting motility and immune function.

  • None of us have the enzymes to break it down efficiently

  • The modernization of wheat created significant structural changes to gluten when it was already incompatible with humans.

Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disease triggered directly by exposure to gluten.

  • Leading to inflammation and auto antibodies that cause major destruction to the GI tract, but not limited to this organ alone.

  • It was a rare disease, 1 in thousands and now the rates are 1 and 100 people.

  • 50% of people with Celiacs have the classic GI distress, the other 50% experience neurological symptoms, a big reason why 90% of people don’t even know they have it.

  • Children who have gluten in the first 4 months of life have a 5 times higher risk of developing Celiacs and 6 times the risk of developing type 1 diabetes

  • Eating before 2 years of age increases risk of celiac disease by 2 fold

  • Very often people with undiagnosed celeriac’s suffer with many other ailments before realizing this is the culprit such as; arthritis, infertility, depression, dermatitis, anxiety, IBS, thyroid dysfunction etc…

Everyone is subject to the harmful effects of gluten by 1 degree or another. Whether its Celiacs, gluten allergy, gluten sensitivity or the general toxicity, in the battle between gluten and your health, you will lose.

  • It activates the zonulin protein which regulates the tight junctions in the gut. Each time its activated by gluten these junctions become loose and allows seepage of any local particle. This leak lasts for 3 hrs after each consumption

  • Gluten is a known provoker of dyspepsia and dysmotility

  • The molecular structure of gluten protein and its polypeptide metabolites share similarities to various molecules of our selves. Once these gluten molecules have entered through the leaky barrier the immune system launches an attack creating antibodies. The identical counterparts are found in nearly every organ of the body (thyroid, pancreas, skin, joints, brain etc) marking them as targets for destruction. This is why gluten has been named one of the top triggers for autoimmune diseases

  • One bite the size of a pea can trigger antibody production and inflammation that can last for the next 3-4 months, why it is so important to be as strict as possible

  • In addition to the molecular mimicry aspect of gluten it has evolved with supernatural skills to unlock the door to any cell anywhere in the body allowing invaders easy entry.

“Where there is wheat there is diabetes, where there is diabetes there is wheat”- Dr William Davis

  • Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance, the worst carbohydrate culprit is wheat.

  • Both types of diabetes are very strongly correlated to wheat/gluten sensitivities.

  • Animal studies showed a 50% reduction in developing diabetes by removing gluten.

  • There have been cases of people reversing type 1 diabetes in early diagnosis by eliminating wheat

There areOver 300 symptoms and medical conditions that gluten can cause, contribute, or make worse

  • Most common symptoms are; Chicken bumps, hair loss, irritability, skin (eczema, acne, dermatitis), headaches, weight gain, brain fog, tiredness, IBS, autoimmunity, digestive issues, joint pain, deficiencies, anxiety, depression.

  • Its been linked in all these conditions; infertility fibromyalgia MS, schizophrenia, type 1 diabetes, hashimotos, asthma, acid reflux, gallbladder dysfunction, migraines, liver damage, lymphoma and dermatitis

  • Cancer is not an uncommon result of gluten intolerance

Gluten affects every part of the neurological system (brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves)

  • It is a known trigger to all psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism, anxiety, depression) and linked to nearly every neurological disorder. All mood disorders improve in the absence of gluten.

  • Via the gluten breakdown into polypeptides it becomes an exorphin which can easily cross the blood brain barrier and occupy the opiate receptors, inducing a mild euphoria similar to heroin, explaining some of its addictive properties and why 40% of people experience withdrawal symptoms.

  • It has a definite and peculiar affect on the brain that no other grain has, it is one of the few food foods that can dramatically alter behavior and in some it can lead to severe delusions.

  • All Gluten consumption is associated with depletion of serotonin, norepinehprine and dopamine.

  • It also suppresses gut hormones responsible for satiety, cognition, emotions and behavior.

  • With chronic consumption of gluten this brain barrier gets porous and leaky (just like the GI barrier) resulting in brain inflammation and cognitive dysfunction.

There is a strong association with schizophrenia and gluten consumption via celaics and also non-celiac gluten induced schizophrenia.

  • A great example, the New Guinea study, a large community introduced wheat and saw a 65 fold increase in the schizophrenia rates.

  • There was an unethical experiment done in the 1960s on schizophrenic veterans by removing gluten they saw distinct improvements in all the hallmark symptoms, which all returned upon the reintroduction of gluten.

  • Another great example of the 71 year old women who struggled with extreme schizophrenia for 53 years removed gluten strictly and within 8 days she had 100% relief from her lifelong battle with psychosis.

Gluten is a scientifically known hormone disruptor and can definitely lead to conception issues by routes of; deficiencies (B12, iron, folate, D, and selenium), immune mediated mechanisms or inflammatory cascades.

  • Men with gluten intolerance often have abnormal sperm and hormonal dysregulation. Gliadin (a gluten protein) is a stimulator of the pituitary gland to release prolactin in males further affecting hormone balance

  • High levels of NK (natural killer) cells are associated to cause miscarriages NK cells increase with exposure to Gliadin.

  • 75% of women with endometriosis or pelvic pain issues reported significant improvements from removing gluten for 1 year and none reported an increase of issues.

There are big issue with testing for gluten sensitivities, most only look a certain antibodies and there are “50 shades of gluten intolerance,” there is just no definitive test for intolerance. The gluten free challenge is the best method to determine level of intolerance for a min of 30 days best 60 days.

The consensus among functional health experts agree that everyone on the planet is better off removing gluten from their diets. All grains have some similar issues but wheat is by far the worst.

The easiest most effective way to improve and safeguard your health is by eliminating wheat from your diet permanently and strictly. It will undoubtedly improve your life. After surviving the withdrawal period you will develop a new relationship to food, your taste perception will become enhanced and you can appreciate flavors like never before.

  • Removal of gluten reduces hunger on average by 400 cal per day

  • The most common improvements that I hear are; #1 Weight loss, no more brain fog, no more headaches, more energy, better sleep, no more joint pain, clearer skin, shiny hair, smarter, faster and nicer to name a few.

  • Check out these testimonials:

How to quit-

1. Plan a day ahead- not today

2. Learn of the sources

3. Be 100% strict

4. Track your improvements

5. Stick to it for at least 2 months

Helpful resources and references:

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